Velinen sunnuntai IX

For the ninth time we get to enjoy the amazing music videos chosen by Veli Kauppinen for his festival classic Velinen Sunnuntai! This year Veli Kauppinen leads viewers deep down into Kulttuuritalo Valve's basement, where we dive into the mind of Kauppinen and experience his ingenious music video selection with Veli’s unique introduction style.

“I hope I manage to get the Velinen Sunnuntai -vibe across to home audiences. The live show has been a mixture of pre-planned “real talk” and of hassle that happens in the moment, mixed with the melancholic awareness of the fact that that year's festival is coming to an end. Often I’m a goofball who’s making jokes, but sometimes I’ve had a hard time holding back tears when I’ve found new, touching dimensions from my own curated selection that manage to touch me more than I could’ve imagined beforehand.”