The Finnish Music Video Competition is now open for submissions!

08 May 2019

The Finnish Music Video Competition is now open for submissions.

The competition is open for all Finnish music videos that have not been previously shown at the festival. This year’s national competition is also open for international artists’ videos which have been made by a Finnish director.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 7th of June.

Videos sent to the competition will be divided to a competition series and the showcase series. The videos in the competition series will be further divided by themes. All videos will be screened at the festival.

The winners will be awarded at the Pumpeligaala awards ceremony on Saturday 24th of August. Winners will be chosen by the jury and will receive trophies designed by Ninni Luhtasaari.

Directors will compete for the main prize the ‘Kultapumpeli’, the winner of which also receives 2500 euros sponsored by 45 Special and Zivago. The most promising new director wins the ‘Teinipumpeli’ and color grading time courtesy of Toastpost. Winner of best cinematography wins the ‘Linssipumpeli’ and equipment rental from Valofirma The Light House and Kamerafirma The Camera House. On top of the aforementioned, the jury will award four music videos with honorary mentions. All videos compete for the audience award. The MES foundation will award a 2000€ prize for the person who has done most to advance Finnish music video with their work.

Oulu Music Video Festival will be held from the 22nd to the 25th of August as part of Oulu August Festival and the festival programme will be released in June.