Oulu Music Video Festival 2020 begins!


Welcome to the festival! Four days of music videos, streams and other audiovisual content!

This year’s festival begins with Roos Hekkens’ four-part Elements series (http://www.omvf.net/en/pages/omvf-presents-elements). In the series, Roos Hekkens and Anna-Mari Nousiainen explore how elements manifest in music video and what they represent.

As part of our live programming, there is a discussion on music video on Radio Helsinki (https://www.radiohelsinki.fi/) at 15:00.

The day ends with our YOUTUBE VORTEX (http://www.omvf.net/en/pages/youtube-vortex-w-raine-laaksonen-henrik), where rap and punk artist HENRIK and journalist Raine Laaksonen dive in to the depths of Youtube.

Even if we are an online festival, there’s a chance to see music videos on the silver screen, as the competition series is physically screened at Kulttuuritalo Valve’s Studio. The capacity is extremely limited (9 people per screening). Free tickets available from Valve’s ticket desk. The Pimeä aine x Dark Matter exhibit (http://www.omvf.net/en/pages/dark-matter-x-dark-matter) is also open at Valve until Sunday.

All videos set to our competition are available for viewing for the duration of the festival in the competition series (http://www.omvf.net/en/pages/the-finnish-music-video-contest) and showcase series (http://www.omvf.net/en/pages/the-finnish-music-video-showcase).

You can cop our new festival shirt at https://omvf.bigcartel.com.

Stay locked in! New programming released every day of the festival!